Wuhan, China was the origin of where this alleged doomsday plague known as the coronavirus came from. Despite being ground zero for this supposedly very deadly virus, everything in Wuhan is back to normal. They even have open dance clubs with people partying without masks.

What more do you need to know at this point?

This proves once again what a dumb bullshit hoax this virus hysteria has been. If we were dealing with the plague of death, China certainly wouldn’t be allowing dance clubs to be open.

It’s worth mentioning that China never closed their economy over this. They only put Wuhan and surrounding areas under quarantine when they didn’t know what they were dealing with. We now know conclusively that the coronavirus is basically just the flu.

It’s time to end all of the restrictions and go back to normal. It is just unfortunate that we have people in power throughout the West who want to use this hoax to destroy the middle class and push forward all sorts of bizarre dystopic agendas.