The NATO summit has begun. Already Donald Trump is raising hell. He’s questioning why Germany relies heavily on energy from the Russians while simultaneously refusing to pay the required amount for NATO membership.

It’s an interesting angle because in theory the NATO alliance is supposed to deter a Russian invasion. But if Russia was such a threat, it is certainly odd that Germany chooses to rely on them for energy.

Hopefully Trump also brings up the fact that Germany is giving all sorts of free things to millions of monkey invaders while ignoring their NATO obligations. That’s another good talking point.

But honestly, NATO as it is structured is obsolete. Despite all of the insanity we hear from the Jew-run media, Russia is not the threat. The real threat are all the Moslems in the Middle East that have been flowing into Europe.

NATO should be totally restructured and European nations should be required to actually field respectable military forces. This reliance upon American military power has gotten out of control.

NATO should consider kicking Turkey out of the alliance and bring Russia into the fold. If the United States and Europe could get on the same page with Russia, there are no powers in the world that could defeat us. Of course, the Jews have done everything in their power to make sure that White nations can’t get along with one another. World War I and World War II were largely a direct resulting of Jewish financial and political meddling. And this insane world that exists now is a direct result of those horrible wars.