I’m very glad to see that President Trump is finally blaming Democrats for the deaths of these children coming across the border. If there was a border wall, most of these invading migrant hordes wouldn’t even attempt the journey. Instead, they are tempted by the possibility that they’ll be able to cross illegally and get free shit from America.

He’s also correct about this not being the fault of the border people. The children that died in their custody were in bad shape when they arrived and they did everything possible to help save them.

Unfortunately, Trump’s Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen was effectively taking responsibility for the deaths of these kids which is insane. It is not their fault.

The Democrats have been effectively using these dead brown children as a political weapon despite the fact that their attacks are insane and illogical. It’s best to throw it back in their face like Trump has done. Let them take responsibility for these dead brown children because it is their fault for allowing the conditions which resulted in their deaths.