Elizabeth Warren aka Pocahontas who is seeking to become the first female Indian President of the United States, is going around claiming that the inspiring rapper Michael Brown was murdered five years ago.

Last week she posted this tweet about Brown making this false claim.

The police officer in question, Darren Wilson did not murder Brown. Even Barack Obama’s nigger-run Justice Department found nothing they could charge him with. Wilson was responding to a robbery that Brown committed. He defended himself with his service weapon after Brown attacked him and tried to take his gun.

That’s the basic gist of the story despite the Jewish media spreading the “hands up don’t shoot” lie which they used to agitate blacks into rioting.

Warren even repeated this lie about Brown being murdered when asked about it at a campaign stop.

Wilson should seriously consider suing her and anybody else promoting this nonsense that he murdered Brown. These are slanderous claims that have no factual merit.

It’s actually quite insane that we have presidential candidates just making up bullshit like this. It’s as if these people are living in an alternate universe that does not exist.