The WannaCry malware attack is being blamed on North Korea by the United States government. Convenient for them to do this considering the geopolitical situation at hand.

We already know that WannaCry was a malware variant based off of tools developed by the National Security Agency. Even Microsoft talked about this when the initial attacks occurred.

On top of that, the Vault 7 document dump published by Wikileaks exposed the CIA’s ability to misdirect blame of a cyber attack on to a foreign entity.

So based on this, it is hard to take this declaration at face value. The entire WannaCry situation would have never happened if the NSA wasn’t dicking around with all these retarded cyber weapons. They’ve even demanded that private companies give them back doors into their software.

The NSA should have been working with private companies to better secure their products but instead they’ve had a history of demanding security holes for them to exploit.

The fact of the matter is that their tools were out in the wild so the attack could have been pulled off by anybody. The North Koreans are just a convenient scapegoat to blame for all the damage the occurred.

Yeah so sorry, I’m having a hard time believing that North Korea was behind this.