Mexico is such a wonderful and peaceful place. So peaceful in fact that incidents like this are a regular happening.


The remains of a young woman who disappeared over a week ago in southern Mexico were discovered Monday by authorities who said she is believed to have been slain, dismembered and cooked on a stove.

Her ex-husband is suspected in what is being investigated as a “femicide,” or the killing of a woman when the motive is directly related to the victim’s gender.

Guerrero state prosecutors said in a statement that the woman left her home in the city of Taxco the morning of Jan. 13. She later said that she would pick up her children at her ex-husband’s home in the afternoon, but was not heard from again, it said.

State security spokesman Roberto Alvarez confirmed later that the woman’s “dismembered” remains had been found Monday inside pots atop a stove.

“It is presumed that she was cooked,” he said.

So she was dismembered and cooked in a stove. How civilized. This news ties in with the recent report detailing how there were over 25,000 murders in Mexico last year.

We have to remember that many Mexicans and Central Americans have the blood of the Aztecs flowing through them. These savages would commit mass blood sacrifice rituals in the most brutal and insane ways imaginable.

And to think that there are people who are against a border wall because of the hurt feelings it causes. There is no logical reason for these savages to be in our country. Not a single one!