The goofy granny fucker Emmanuel Macron is calling for a European army to protect themselves from the United States and Russia.

This guy is just a tool of Jewish bankers and is why he’s calling for all this retarded shit. The United States military in conjunction with NATO already dominates Europe. Of course, the Jews would love to see a bunch of White people killing each other again which is why this proposal is being put forth.

Donald Trump is visiting France right now and called out Macron for this bizarre idea before landing.

And here’s the two in front of the press just a few hours ago.

He should do more than just demand that France and other European nations pay their fair share for NATO. Why not just use this rhetoric from Macron to pull out of NATO entirely?

We have a situation where these European countries have invited large groups of third world invaders into their lands and are now threatening the United States with Macron calling for a so-called European army even though the United States is primarily responsible for their military protection.

Something definitely needs to change. This is a completely ridiculous and unsustainable situation.