The Super Bowl Halftime Show was one of the most horrible things ever. Coincidentally, it was also one of the most Jewish things you could imagine. In fact, there seems to be a direct correlation in people hating things and the amount of Jewish involvement there is in those things.

The show featured Maroon 5 a shitty ass band known for equally shitty songs. Their front man is an untalented tattooed kike named Adam Levine. During the show, two nigger rappers named Travis Scott and Big Boi also performed alongside Maroon 5. It was a truly horrible thing to watch.

Not surprisingly, the people hated it and it has been down voted to hell on YouTube.

Even social justice warriors hated it and have been complaining about how it was sexist that Levine was able to take off his shirt and show his nipples. They specifically referenced how Janet Jackson got condemned for her so-called “wardrobe malfunction” many years ago.

The whole show was gay as fuck just like the NFL. It’s a true reflection of how fucked our society has become.