There are conspiracy theorists who claim that Mark Zuckerberg is a human. I disagree with those kooks, he’s obviously a lizard.

The Jewish Lizard person and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was back for a second day of testimony in front of Congress. Yesterday he testified in front of the Senate and today he testified in front of House.

Here’s the full testimony.

Some of the low lights included him saying that the First Amendment enabled terrorism.

And here he is trying to explain why Facebook deemed the two goofy Trump supporting black women Diamond and Silk as unsafe to the user community.

Steve Scalise asked why Facebook was manipulating their algorithms to favor Communist propaganda.

Zuckerberg claims that Facebook is a platform for all ideas which is a total lie. If you believe that Whites should be in control of their own nation and are against multiculturalism, you will be banned from the platform. Even mundane conservative ideas if expressed can put you at risk for having the ban hammer dropped on you. Facebook is not a platform for all ideas, it is a platform for all ideas that are pre-approved by Jews.

The world would be better off without this shitty website. It either needs to be nationalized, heavily regulated or deleted off the tubes entirely.