The street shitting actor Aziz Ansari has been accused of doing a #MeToo on a woman over a bad date. This has caused some in the Jew establishment to try and scale back #MeToo, but they are failing miserably.

Some in the Jew-run media have finally started to realize that the #MeToo thing has become a monster that they can’t control. They are trying to put the brakes on the train but haven’t quite figured out that the train has no brakes.

For example, Andrew Sullivan from NY Mag wrote a piece saying that #MeToo had gotten out of hand.

Countless individuals in the Jew establishment have already had their careers ruined as a result of #MeToo. The movement has taught females that they can come up with any sort of accusation against a famous man and get money or attention from it. The allegation doesn’t even need to be real.

One of the latest cases involves the street shitting comedian Aziz Ansari. A woman alleged that he sexually assaulted her even though she was basically complaining about a date that didn’t go well.

Ashleigh Banfield spoke out against the woman on CNN.

This allegation like many others connected to #MeToo looks like another slut hoax.

It’s quite the odd situation as some of the more serious and believable cases are being overshadowed by weird shit like this. The stuff with Harvey Weinstein and even a recent allegation by Eliza Dushku come to mind. The problem is that these weird cases are causing more women to come forward with even weirder allegations.

So now you have a split in the Jew establishment between #MeToo pushers and those that are trying to scale it back.

The problem for the people trying to scale it back is that they’ll get accused of being against women if they go too far in trying to clamp down on it. They are right that it has gone too far, but they’re trying to rationalize their perspective to people who are completely insane. These are people who refuse to accept reality as it is so it is doubtful that they’ll be able to convince them that they are wrong.

It’s hard to see a situation where they’ll be successful in scaling this back. It looks like #MeToo is going to run wild all over the Jew establishment. And obviously, this is the main reason why we need to continue supporting any and all #MeToo oriented accusations. If the accusations help destroy the Jew establishment, there is no reason for us to give a shit if the allegations are real or fake.

So Aziz, hate to say this, but your career is over. You’ve been #MeTooed!