Over the weekend, there was another rampage shooting. This one took place at a Madden NFL video game tournament in Jacksonville, Florida. Turns out the shooter was a Jew named David Katz. This fact is fully admitted by the Jewish press.

The Jewish Daily Forward ran a full article on this. The headline says it all.

He was a professional gamer and it looks like most of those he shot were fellow gaming competitors. Talk about a very weird situation.

He also had a record mental illness which is a common trait among Jews.

But it seems as if there is an overabundance of Jews who do rampage shootings. Nikolas Cruz the rampage shooter at Stoneman Douglas said that he had a Jewish mother which made him a biological Jew.

Considering that Jews are only 2 percent of America’s population, it is odd that two of the most recent high profile rampage shootings were carried about this racial demographic.

Perhaps Jews should be banned from owning guns. I mean, they certainly can’t be considered Americans because they are a subversive tribe undermining the welfare of the country. So as a result of this, Second Amendment rights shouldn’t apply to them. They are a racial enemy of America and should not have access to guns.

Of course, the easiest solution would just be to place a common sense ban on Jews. That way we won’t have to worry about these particulars.