This story is undoubtedly going to be overshadowed by the New Zealand mosque shooting spree, but the Jews just decided to bomb the shit out of Gaza again. The Jews are claiming to have hit 100 Hamas targets in what they say is a response to rockets being fired at Israelis.


Cross-border fighting between Israel and Gaza’s ruling Hamas group appeared to be winding down Friday, amid reports of an Egyptian-brokered truce and Israeli media saying a misfire was believed to be responsible for the rare Gaza rocket attack on Tel Aviv that triggered the exchange.

The two rockets had struck late Thursday, taking Israel’s military by surprise. Overnight, Israeli warplanes hit some 100 Hamas targets in Gaza. The army said targets included an office complex in Gaza City used to plan and command Hamas militant activities, an underground complex that served as Hamas’ main rocket-manufacturing site and a center used for Hamas drone development.

In Gaza, health officials reported that four people were wounded, including a husband and wife in the southern town of Rafah. There were no further details. The office building struck by Israel had been used by Hamas’ office of prisoner affairs.

I’m curious, but will governments and the media condemn Israel for killing these Moslems? Probably not. They will however call what happened in New Zealand an act of terrorism. That’s because when Jews kill Moslems it is an act of self defense. When Whites kill Moslems, it is an act of terrorism. The double standard is obvious. It becomes even more evident when you consider that Israel is an occupying and invading power whereas the Moslems in New Zealand are invaders.