Considering what we have been seeing from Donald Trump’s presidency over the past few months, it is difficult to be optimistic about the future of America. Electing Trump was largely seen as a last ditch effort to try and save the country. It looks like this last ditch effort may have failed.

Sure, it is not impossible for Trump to turn this around. Maybe he’ll fire Jared Kushner and all his other neocon advisers. And just maybe he’ll go back to the MAGA agenda that got him elected. Unfortunately, this is looking increasingly unlikely.

Even if we wanted to support Trump, it is impossible to do so. He has made it clear that he’s not going to do anything to prevent his supporters from being banned off the Internet. It’s also become exhausting and impossible to defend his actions and statements. He has said that he wants to bring in immigrants to fill jobs and has been endlessly shilling for Jews on his Twitter feed.

So fuck it, if America is doomed and can’t be saved, I’m perfectly willing to support an Asian business man who wants to give me $1,000 a month in free money. And if giving everybody $1,000 a month causes an economic collapse than that’s even better. Just think of how funny an economic collapse would be. It’d be very funny laughing at boomers crying over their retirement accounts becoming worthless.

Besides that, you can sense that there is an energy behind Andrew Yang’s presidential campaign similar to what we saw during the early days of the Trump campaign. The Yang memes are funny and organic.

Yang has even come out against infant circumcision which is another positive.

Yang is also now the eighth most likely person to become the next President of the United States.

And finally, Yang is one of only two presidential candidates running as a Democrat who presumably won’t unleash hell on earth.

#YangGang 2020 is the most logical and strategic thing we can do right now.