Apparently the British are allowed to seize Iranian boats, but when the Iranians seize British boats it is considered to be the ultimate evil.


Britain has admitted its nearest warship was one hour away from the merchant vessel seized by Iran in the Strait of Hormuz on Friday and could do nothing to help.

Penny Mordaunt, the defence secretary, said the incident happened in Omani waters and was a “hostile act”.

But she said the British Type 23 frigate HMS Montrose was 60 minutes away from being able to help the Stena Impero when it was boarded by Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

The Foreign Office summoned Iran’s charge d’affaires, Mohsen Omidzamani, following the seizure of the British-flagged oil tanker.

It came as Jeremy Hunt spoke to his Iranian counterpart Mohammad Javad Zarif to express Britain’s concern over the latest hike in tensions in the region.

Mr Hunt wrote on Twitter: “Just spoke to Iranian FM Zarif and expressed extreme disappointment that having assured me last Saturday Iran wanted to de-escalate situation they have behaved in the opposite way.

“This has to be about actions not words if we are to find a way through. British shipping must and will be protected.”

Mr Zarif hit back with his own tween, stating: “Unlike the piracy in the Strait of Gibraltar, our action in the Persian Gulf is to uphold int’l maritime rules. As I said in NY, it is IRAN that guarantees the security of the Persian Gulf & the Strait of Hormuz. UK must cease being an accessory to #EconomicTerrorism of the US.”

Dramatic footage purporting to be of the Stena Impero being boarded by Iran’s Revolutionary Guards was released on Saturday afternoon, showing the tanker being followed by smaller vessels and combat troops being lowered from a helicopter hovering above the deck.

Following a meeting of the Government’s emergency committee Cobra, a spokesman said the seizure was “a clear challenge to international freedom of navigation”, adding: “As the Foreign Secretary has said, our response will be considered and robust and there will be serious consequences if the situation is not resolved.”

Iran has directly linked the seizure of the tanker with Britain’s role in detaining a tanker carrying Iranian oil earlier this month.

The Iranians only did this because the British detained one of their tankers. It is ridiculous that we see everyone in the Jewish media complaining about how evil it is for the Iranians to do this.

It’s the most Jewish thing in the world to do something to someone and then whine when that someone does the exact same thing in retaliation for what you originally did. But that’s basically what’s happening here.

This incident is being used by Jews and neocons to demand a big war with Iran. Sean Hannity was on Fox News going nuts about how evil Iran is last night. The whole thing is ridiculous. War with Iran does not benefit America. It only benefits Israel and the Sunni Arab states like Saudi Arabia.