Immediately after the Notre Dame Cathedral fire, we saw the Jewish media say that it was a conspiracy theory to suggest that somebody may have deliberately set the building on fire. The government is actually trying to blame the fire on an electrical short circuit and the Notre Dame rector is blaming it on a computer glitch.

A new video suggests that this is not the case. Footage of the Notre Dame Cathedral captured by a webcam shortly before the inferno broke out, shows a figure roaming around near where the fire started along with a sudden flash.

I have not had the opportunity to vouch for the authenticity of the video, but I personally have much more trust in a random person on the Internet than I do the lying kike-run media.

And let’s look at what’s been going on in France. Numerous churches have been vandalized at the same time France’s Moslem population is at a record high.

It is certainly very reasonable to suggest that the church was burned down by a Moslem. The fact that Moslems all over the Internet have been cheering the destruction of this historic building just adds to the plausibility.

In Canada, some haji cunt said the fire was punishment from Allah.

Jews are also cheering the Notre Dame fire. Look at what this Zionist rabbi is saying about it. The kike is saying that it was divine retribution for the burning of their Talmud centuries earlier.

Times of Israel:

A prominent religious-Zionist rabbi known for his extremist views suggested on Wednesday that the fire that gutted the famed Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris earlier this week may have been divine retribution for the mass-burning of Talmud volumes by French Catholic priests in the city eight centuries earlier.

Rabbi Shlomo Aviner, the rabbi of the Beit El settlement and head of the Ateret Yerushalayim yeshiva, said that Jews should not commit arson against churches, but also that there was no duty to be saddened by the fire, which gutted the famed 12th-century cathedral.

This just proves that Jews and Moslems need to be purged from our lands. They have nothing in common with us and express glee when one of our historic monuments is burned down. Regardless of whoever did this, Moslem or not, it doesn’t change this fact. It’s time to kick all these subversive aliens out of our lands.