As usual, Tucker Carlson last night accurately summarized the insanity of the past two years in an excellent monologue. He describes how the fake Russia hoax was used to sabotage Donald Trump’s presidency. Even though this fake investigation into Trump-Russia collusion showed that there was no wrongdoing by Trump or his associates, it prevented Trump from being able to implement any of the populist ideas that he ran on. He lost all momentum from the election to make any substantive policy achievements. So instead of implementing all the things he campaigned on, he’s implemented a neocon-lite “Make Israel Great Again” agenda.

Tucker noted how virtually none of the key items that Trump ran on have been implemented.

  • Third world hordes continue to invade the country via an open southern border.
  • We’re still bogged down in all sorts of foreign wars around the world.
  • The opioid crisis is still ongoing.
  • Tech companies continue to censor people for their political views.
  • Suicides are up.
  • Goldman Sachs (Jews) still control the economy.
  • The birth rates of Americans continue to plunge.

Tucker also called out two Jewish writers for The New York Times Maggie Haberman and Michelle Goldberg for continuing to promote conspiracy theories about this hoax. He also exposed the kike Ben Smith who lied about a previous BuzzFeed report describing how the Jew Michael Cohen allegedly was instructed by Trump to commit perjury.

Everything he describes in his monologue is spot on. It is well worth a watch.

Tucker is the most important man on cable news today. We know Trump watches him and the fact that he’s saying these things is important. It gives Trump a conduit into the reality of things. It’s unknown if Tucker’s cable news presence will help change the direction Trump takes, but everybody including many in his base realize that little has been accomplished. And it’s important that Trump be reminded of this.

Unfortunately, the Russia hoax achieved a great deal. It sabotaged Trump’s ability to get anything done and it has sucked all the oxygen out of the political arena. There are literally no tangible discussions about any of the major problems America has. It doesn’t even matter that the country is being invaded by hordes of third world foreigners. The Democrats seem content to just harass Trump with endless House investigations as they prep for the 2020 elections. The obsession with this retarded conspiracy theory hoax is a sickness that’s infected America.