Inside of a McDonald’s, a British man annoyed with the diversity and multiculturalism he was seeing, ranted about how immigrants and feminists had fucked up England. He also accurately described how White men had built civilization. He was eventually forced out of the McDonald’s as some soyboy faggots he was verbally engaging with had no logical response to his statements.

The man spoke the truth. We have a situation where the civilization White men have built has been subverted by Jews and traitors who are trying to hand over our civilization to third world savages who hate us.

The problem is that these savages will not be able to sustain what we have built. There’s a reason their countries are shitholes. They want the White man’s world without the White man in it.

The only solution is to forcibly remove all the Jews and their third world beasts from our lands. There is no alternative. This is what needs to happen.