Bibi threatened a ground invasion of the Gaza Strip but ended up agreeing to a ceasefire. He’s being criticized by his political rivals including people in his own party for this move.


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu came under criticism Monday for agreeing to a ceasefire with the militant factions in the Gaza Strip, ending days of heavy rocket fire on southern and central communities.

An agreement brokered by Egyptian mediators in Cairo brought an end to this latest round of violence between Gazan militants and Israel. The terms of the agreement are unclear, and there has been no formal Israeli confirmation that a deal is in place.

Opposition inside Netanyahu’s Likud party came in the form of a tweet by Likud political rival Gideon Sa’ar, who said that Israel gained nothing from this reported ceasefire, while the Palestinian organizations are increasing their attacks of Israel.

Blue and White leader Benny Gantz also tweeted his disapproval, calling the agreement a capitulation that would only lead to more fighting.

“Almost 700 rockets, many injured, four killed, all as a result of Israel’s loss of deterrence. Israel once again is capitulating to terrorists demands while the government lays out the next round at our door,” he wrote.

I was hoping Bibi was going to green light this invasion. Jews aren’t good at fighting ground wars. They got their ass kicked by Hezbollah back in 2006 when they invaded Lebanon. They would have experienced similar problems in Gaza if they sent ground forces in.

But more importantly, a ground invasion would have further eroded international support for the Zionists. For over a year we’ve seen Jew soldiers shoot children, medics, journalists and women and others who have been protesting the Jewish occupation of their land. The Jews even killed a guy in a wheelchair at one point. So a ground invasion would be a public relations disaster for them. It would seem as if Bibi understands this, especially considering all of the shilling Donald Trump has done for Israel.

But who knows though, this ceasefire agreement is not set in stone. Things could certainly ramp back up again.