It’s really amazing to see how the Jew-run enterprise of CNN is able to push out increasingly insane propaganda. The new meme they are trying to push is that France’s President Emmanuel Macron is the “moral leader of the West.”

Their resident street shitting Paki Fareed Zakaria was saying this on television the other day. As if this mud monkey is in any position to lecture White people on the current status of Western civilization.

He justifies his position based on Macron saying a few stern words to Saudi Prince Mohammed Bin Salman at the G20. Never mind the fact that Macron has a 25 percent approval rating and could be on the brink of being removed from power in a popular anti-government uprising.

A moral leader is someone who does good things for his people. Macron is not doing any good things for his people and is instead trying to advance this insane Jewish globalist agenda.

The problem the Jews have is that their European Union project is falling apart. Nationalism and populism is rising all over the place. They also have no credible political figure to represent the EU any longer with Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel on her way out. Macron has become this figure simply due to the fact that there’s nobody else.

But there is no possible way they’ll be able to prop up Macron as the so-called “moral leader of the West.” It’s an unsustainable proposition considering how hated he is among his own people. He’ll be lucky if he is even able to hang on to political power over the next few weeks and months.