YouTube’s CEO the Jewess Susan Wojcicki thinks the European Union’s recent initiative to ban memes goes too far and threatens the open Internet.


YouTube is sounding the alarms at the highest level over new controversial copyright legislation in the EU.

In a new blog post updating YouTube creators on the company’s priorities for the remainder of the year, CEO Susan Wojcicki focused on Article 13 of the European Union Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market.

While there are a number of problematic parts to this new legislation, such as Article 11 — which the EFF described as akin to a “link tax,” requiring internet platforms “to obtain a license before linking to news stories” — YouTube is putting the spotlight on Article 13, which has been widely referred to as a “meme ban.”

Article 13 of this new EU copyright law update, also known as the EU Copyright Directive, places copyright liabilities on sites with user-generated content, basically requiring them to scan uploads for copyrighted content. It’s been compared to YouTube’s own Content ID system for copyrighted material, but even YouTube believes it extends further than that.

Memes, parodies, educational videos, or any sort of remixes — all kinds of content that makes up the YouTube community that would currently pass as fair use — could be in danger. This would have sprawling effects on the internet as a whole.

This is pretty funny because YouTube has actively pushed to censor or ban numerous people from their site because they have political views they disagree with. They do not at all agree with the concept of an open and free Internet based on how they run their own operation.

But she’s not wrong about this. The legislation will make it impossible for them to operate their site. There is no way any social media site even one the size of YouTube has the resources to abide by this retarded law. The law was clearly put together by a bunch of old people who have no idea how the Internet works.

So yeah, the legislation is dumb and I am also against it, but don’t be fooled into think that this Jewess wants the tubes to be free. She’s only saying this to protect the interests of YouTube.