YouTube’s Jewish feminist CEO Susan Wojcicki issued an apology to homosexual supremacists for not banning Steven Crowder off their site. All because Crowder referred to a faggot from Vox named Carlos Maza as a “lispy queer.”


YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki on Monday apologized for hurting the LGBT community over a controversial decision not to take down a prominent user’s channel for hurling homophobic slurs at a journalist who is gay.

Last week, YouTube, which is owned by Google, drew blowback for not taking stricter actions against a conservative comedian named Steven Crowder, who targeted Carlos Maza, a writer and video host for Vox. Masa created a supercut of Crowder calling him a “lispy sprite” and “little queer.”

YouTube said Crowder’s videos didn’t violate the site’s rules. The company later said it would demonetize Crowder’s channel.

“I am truly, truly sorry,” Wojcicki said at the Code Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona. “I know it was hurtful to the LGBT community. That was not the intention.”

But even though Wojcicki apologized, she said she stood behind the decision, adding that the company had to be “consistent” in its policies. “If we took down that content, there would be so (much) other content we’d need to take down,” she said. “We don’t want to be knee-jerk.”

The thing is they still took action against Crowder. They demonetized his channel and even this wasn’t enough for these homosexual supremacist terrorists. They want everybody banned who criticizes them or disagrees with them in any way. Even if said disagreement has nothing to do with their filthy cock sucking ways.

And I have to laugh at Wojcicki for saying that they didn’t want to react in a “knee jerk” fashion by taking down content. This is a lie. That’s all they have done over the past few years.

They’ve been going on all sorts of ban rampages using a variety of excuses to justify banning people. In fact, what they just did was a “knee jerk” reaction. Numerous people were banned or had their channel banned by YouTube because of this faggot Maza whining about Crowder saying hurtful things about him. How was this not a “knee jerk” reaction? People who had nothing to do with this situation got fucked over because of it.

YouTube is a disaster. They’re eventually going to ban anything and everything that exists outside the confines of official Jewish narratives. But we should expect nothing less from a website that is run by a Jewish female supremacist terrorist like Wojcicki.