The agenda of all these big Jewish tech companies is simple. They are going to try and censor and stifle any type of content that is remotely positive of Donald Trump or is right-wing in general. They are just slowly implementing this agenda in the lead up to the 2020 election.

The Jewish tech organization of YouTube is now fucking around with Right Side Broadcasting Network a pro-Trump media operation that has been streaming Trump rallies live since at least 2016.

They suspended their live streaming capabilities the day before Trump’s rally in New Mexico.

YouTube later informed them it was for a “copyright” violation.

This has forced them to jump through all these hoops with YouTube to get their livestreaming capabilities back.

This is deliberate on YouTube’s part. It couldn’t be any more obvious. And why would they not do this? It isn’t like Trump is doing anything to stop them from doing this shit.

All Trump has done is ask people in government to come up with ideas on how to deal with all this social media censorship. But that was a few months ago now and so far no ideas have been implemented.

It’s ridiculous that it would take the government this amount of time to come up with ideas on how to deal with this. People outside of the government have already identified numerous options. You could have the FCC reclassify these social media organizations as public utilities. You could also allow people to sue them since they’re operating as publishers and not platforms. But all we are seeing is talk of antitrust litigation. And that is not going to protect anybody’s free speech.

So what the hell is going on Donald? Help us so we can help you. This shouldn’t be so difficult. Are you just going to sit back and let everyone get banned? If that’s the plan, it isn’t a good one.