The good news is that the President knows about the invading bean monkey army. He posted a tweet about it earlier today.

The only question is if anything substantive will be done about it. Under normal circumstances the military would be deployed to deal with this. However, in the insane shit show of a world that we live in, it is doubtful that such a thing will happen.

You see, the American military exists purely to police the world for Jewish interests. It does not exist to preserve American sovereignty or to protect the interests of Americans.

The President needs to deal with this one way or another. It’s absolutely ridiculous that an army of bean monkeys is going to invade the United States under the guise that they are seeking asylum. They are using are crumbly immigration laws to invade and subvert our country.

As I’ve said before, the Jews know how to handle border security. If what the Israelis did to the Palestinians on the Gaza-Israel border a few days ago is acceptable, than the United States can certainly do the same to this invading spic army. Human rights violations are a hoax any way. The Jews have already proven that.