Hopefully after what’s happened over the past few days, people will finally realize how retarded and dumb all this wignat bullshit is. For those of you not familiar with the term “wignat” it stands for “wigger nationalist.” This is basically someone who believes that the only path to victory is by becoming a real life variation of a Neo-Nazi depicted in Jewish Hollywood film productions. Many of these people will take this concept in some of the most insane and ridiculous directions imaginable. They have no coherent or viable political strategy and are a proven joke.

Putting all of these theories about hoaxes and false flags aside, what happened this past Saturday represented the wet dream of many wignats and the ultimate conclusion of their ridiculous ideology. Their politics consistently revolve around showing others that they are the most hardcore among the hardcore. Many of them are mentally unstable which makes them susceptible to manipulation and psychological operations. It’s very possible that the wignat community on the social media site Gab has consisted primarily of feds trying to goad people into committing acts of violence and people with a variety of mental health problems.

To recap what happened, a man named Robert Bowers went into a Pittsburgh synagogue where he shot and killed 11 Jews. He posted the statement, “screw your optics, I’m going in” on his Gab account right before shooting up the synagogue. His comment about “optics” and his belief that Donald Trump is part of a Jewish conspiracy proved that he was firmly on the wignat side of the fence.

While I can understand the anger that would drive someone to do this, his actions did absolutely nothing to advance our political goals. In fact, they have been a major detriment to them. As a result of this incident, the Jews have used it as justification to smear and shut down Gab. Even though Gab had become home to numerous wignats, meth posting lunatics and feds, there were plenty of normal people who were banned from places like Twitter who actively used it.

At time of writing, Gab is still offline and who knows if they’ll find a way to bring it back. They’ve been banned from various payment processors and services so the site’s future is very much in question.

Unfortunately, this is much bigger than just Gab itself. The incident is being used by the Jew media industrial complex to justify a total shut down of free speech on the Internet. They are gleeful at the opportunity. It’s like Hanukkah has come early for them. Just look at the Jew-run Anti-Defamation League’s Twitter feed if you don’t believe me.

We are not going to achieve our goals by randomly murdering Jews or engaging in acts of terrorism. We are also not going to achieve our goals by dressing up like the stereotypical Jewish depiction of a Neo-Nazi and marching through the streets. Proper real life activism is great, but shit like this is retarded and serves no practical purpose. Normal people will never be on board with these things. This is just an objective fact. We have several decades of history proving it.

The only way towards gaining long lasting political power is by persuading a significant majority of our people in the worthiness of our ideas. This entire debacle has made it more difficult to do this.

The good news is that we are winning the battle of ideas. We just need to stay the course. Our out reach on the Internet has been hugely effective. There’s also been some good real life activism happening as well. We have no reason to engage in violence. Let the anti-fascists be the one’s to act like violent niggers.

Adolf Hitler came to power in Germany because he had the support of the people. This wignat garbage is cancer and will not give us the support of the people. It is not a viable path towards achieving our goals.