This past weekend the annual White House Correspondents dinner was held. In years gone by, it has been an event that features the President and other political/media figures getting made fun of by a stand up comic. It’s always been an elitist event that the average person couldn’t give a shit about.

Donald Trump has wisely chosen not to attend. He’s instead done campaign style rallies in its place. He was in Michigan holding a rally while this dinner was being held.

Some White House staff like Kellyanne Conway and Sarah Sanders did end up attending. A vile looking Debbie Wasserman-Schultz look-a-like named Michelle Wolf did the comic routine. It was not well received.

She made a variety of disgusting jokes including ones about abortion, porn stars, Trump’s sexual abilities and even going so far as to attack the appearance of Sarah Sanders. The routine went over the edge and ended up pissing off lots of people.

At first the Jew-run media tried to push the narrative that it was a funny routine. This did not mesh with how most people felt so they did a very quick 180 degree turn in the narrative. Even CNN said that it was a win for Trump because the routine crossed too many lines.

Hopefully this marks the end of this stupid event. The White House should completely boycott next year’s dinner following this performance. What gets me is how you have some people trying to cite the First Amendment as a means to defend this garbage. As if anybody was preventing them from making these jokes to begin with. Everyone knows that the First Amendment was designed to protect unpopular speech. It was never designed to protect popular speech or speech from those with power and billions of dollars in their bank accounts.

Even though the subversive Jew-run media should be permanently shut down, there is currently no viable threat that would prohibit them from pushing out their propaganda. And there is certainly nobody threatening to shut down their stupid dinner event because of degenerate jokes.