The Washington Post yesterday posted a video claiming that social media censorship against “conservatives” is unproven and that the orange man is wrong and bad for promoting these claims.

This is the very definition of fake news.

Project Veritas has recorded all sorts of video showing people who work at these tech companies fully admitting that they stifle people with right-wing views.

Their expose on Google was originally deleted by YouTube and they were forced to re-upload it.

Their expose on the censorship agenda going on within Pinterest was also deleted by YouTube. Once again, they were forced to re-upload it.

The act of YouTube deleting these videos was in of itself evidence of censorship. Never mind the content in these videos proving the active censorship agenda of these organizations.

And then on top of that, you see how numerous right-wing personalities have been banned from the major social media sites for dubious and/or innocuous reasons. Even moderate right-wing personalities have been blacklisted. People like Alex Jones, MILO, Roger Stone, Gavin McInnes and countless others.

I could even go into my own personal experience of being banned from numerous social media sites and payment processing systems.

You could literally write a series of novels outlining the amount of social media censorship that big tech firms are employing against right-wing groups and personalities. That’s how much evidence there is.

Point blank, the Washington Post is deliberately spreading disinformation. Ironically, these social media sites claimed that they would ban people for spreading fake news. Well this right here is some of the fakest news imaginable yet the Washington Post is in no danger of losing their YouTube channel. It shows that these big tech companies which are mostly run by Jews are devoid of morals and standards.