What we are seeing in Washington DC is one of the most extreme military lockdowns of any city ever. A guest on Fox News even compared it to the Baghdad green zone as they painted normal Donald Trump supporters as domestic terrorists.

They literally have thousands of national guard soldiers sleeping in buildings all over the city.

This looks like something that you would see in the Hunger Games movies and not in a free Republic. And obviously America has not been a free Republic for a very long time. It’s just the mask has been ripped off and now people can see the naked tyranny for what it is.

The problem they have is that the planned event in the Capitol did not go off as they had hoped. The people who were let into the building were relatively peaceful. The two cops that died did not even appear to die as a result of anything that happened there. The cop that allegedly got hit in the head with a fire extinguisher appears to have died from a separate medical issue and that other cop who died committed suicide after the Capitol storming The worst act of violence was from a cop killing a Trump supporter.

Sure, there was some minor vandalism and a misplaced podium, but who gives a shit? The fact that the entire ZOG system is acting like this was the worst thing since 9/11 is an absurdity that only the most low IQ of morons believes. Plus, nearly all Trump supporters thought the storming of the Capitol was hilarious and a great thing.

Avoid DC though. The FBI appears to be setting the stage for some sort of weird false flag event that will be blamed on Trump supporters and used as a pretext to ban guns or to launch more military deployments around the country.