Kesha a dumb ugly washed up cunt pop star just put out a song bashing rich, heterosexual White males as being responsible for all the problems in the world. The music video itself is very creative. It shows her repeatedly giving the audience an obscene gesture with her middle finger.

Talk about a stupid bitch. This wall-hitting whore has been paid millions of dollars by Jewish record companies and is merely projecting the evils of the Jewish race on to White men.

She originally broke into the music industry in the 2000s through Kemosabe Records a label which has been run by the Jew Dr. Luke. She even accused Dr. Luke of raping her. But probably what happened is that she willingly fucked the kike Dr. Luke in exchange for fame and a record deal. It’s a logical explanation because this slut has little if any talent. Her music is shit and everything about her is shit. I personally find her to be ugly as fuck and didn’t find her attractive when she was in her 20s. Now that she’s 32, it’s clear that she has hit the wall and it is not a pretty situation.

I hope this bitch dies a horrible death. Stupid fucking whore.