The timing of this Richard Spencer audio clip getting dropped where he rants about kikes and octaroons by MILO is obviously very suspicious. The groyper war is heating up and it is very possible that this was deliberately dropped to create a distraction and draw people’s attention on to Spencer.

I admittedly found the clip to be quite humorous, but again, the timing is odd. And MILO is of course a self-described dangerous Jewish faggot which makes him totally untrustworthy.

Nick Fuentes posted some tweets about it and he agrees. He also disavowed Spencer describing him as a degenerate loser created by the media.

The gay Jew Matt Drudge even briefly linked to an article with the Spencer audio.

The audio drop has also resulted in Spencer becoming a worldwide trend on Twitter. You also have all sorts of media operations writing pieces about it.

Whatever the case, the groyper war and taking down fake conservative incorporated is vitally important. There’s all sorts of positive energy behind it and there’s nothing Spencer, the costume Nazi crowd or any other shills can do about it.