The Jew Dana Milbank who writes bullshit lies and propaganda for the horrible Washington Post blog, accused Mitch McConnell of being a Russian shill in a recent op-ed piece.

I’m no fan of McConnell, but this op-ed by Milbank is completely insane. There is no evidence that McConnell is a Russian asset or a Russian shill but that does not matter to this kike Milbank.

Other articles have accused McConnell of being part of a conspiracy to allow Russian Internet trolls influence the outcome of the 2020 election. All the while we have big tech firms run by Jews openly banning Americans from being able to communicate to people.

McConnell also delivered a speech on the Senate floor denouncing the attacks and stating that he was not an agent of Russia.

The thing is, Jews are masters of the big lie and when you have billion dollar media enterprises at your disposal which parrot their lies, it makes it much easier to con people into believing these lies. If they keep this up, they’ll soon be accusing everybody who voted for Donald Trump and all Republicans of being secret Russian agents working for Vladimir Putin. That’s how unhinged and crazy these fucking rats are.