Elizabeth Warren recently announced a plan to forgive student loan debt and to provide free college tuition to everyone. Much of the establishment including both Republicans and Democrats have come out against this proposal.

Most notably was the Washington Post whose editorial board trashed the idea. They claimed that instead of forgiving student loan debt that we should be giving more free stuff to brown people and immigrants.

This is of course pure insanity. Who is more likely to contribute to our society? White millennial Americans or low IQ brown people? Giving more free stuff to low IQ brown people is like flushing money down the toilet. White millennials at least have the capacity to contribute meaningfully to society and would do so if they weren’t burdened with enormous sums of student loan debt.

White millennials were told by their boomer parents that in order to not be a worthless piece of shit, they needed to go to college. So many of them took out enormous loans and got worthless college degrees that did not enhance their ability to get a good paying job. Now they’re saddled with all this debt and working a job that they could have obtained without going to college in the first place.

The whole thing has been a big scam. Young people were convinced by society to take out enormous loans to pay for college degrees that are becoming increasingly worthless. And because of this push to shove diversity and multiculturalism down everyone’s throats, colleges are graduating niggers and other low IQ morons. So how valuable are these degrees if these institutions are graduating Tyrone and Jamal?

Worse yet is that millennials are widely mocked by boomers as being lazy and entitled because they bought into the college scam that boomers sold them.

The only degrees that still have tangible value now are ones with a focus on science, technology, engineering or math. And these days, much of the knowledge you’ll gain by going through a degree program in these fields you can also learn on your own via the Internet.

All student loans should be immediately forgiven because it was a scam society conned millennials into. This is something the government could immediately take care of. If they have money to spend trillions of dollars bombing brown people in the Middle East for Israel, they certainly have the resources to payoff the $1.5 trillion in outstanding student loan debt.

But I also like Anglin’s plan of making the colleges themselves pay for it. These institutions have enormous endowments which are tax exempt. And let’s face it, they should be forced to pay restitution for price gouging students on tuition costs while providing an increasingly shittier product. Most of their degree programs are filled with courses that only serve to brainwash students into believing Marxist propaganda. So they’re not really offering a whole lot of tangible value.

Of course, Warren’s plan to make college free for everyone is impractical and doesn’t make any sense. If everybody has a college degree, it means the degree has little if any value.

The whole idea that everyone needs to go to college to get a good paying job is dumb and needs to be totally rethought. The idea has failed and doesn’t work. In a sane functional society, any 18-year-old would be able to find stable work and make enough money to sustain themselves and start a family. We should not have a situation where everybody felt the need to go to college in order to make a stable living for themselves.