The virus hoaxing fraud Anthony Fauci was on CNN the other day saying that masks will be here until 2022.

This faggot is just stringing people along.

Remember when he told people not to wear masks and then later said that he purposefully lied about masks? Then he started talking about how great it was to wear goggles and multiple masks?

The fact that anybody listens to anything he has to say at this point is the craziest thing imaginable. For some reason people have allowed this fool and his boss Bill Gates to be the ultimate authority on everything relating to public health and the environment.

But if you think masks are going away by 2022, you are sorely mistaken. Even if we see restrictions lifted, there will be people wearing masks well past 2022 because they have been psychologically destroyed and traumatized by people like Fauci, fearmongering politicians and the Jewish media. They literally believe they could die or kill people around them if they aren’t wearing these retarded face diapers.

This is all part of an agenda to implement a tyrannical world communist government by scaring people with fake viruses and fake environmental issues. It is meant to be permanent until they have achieved their goals.