Last night I penned a summary of the violence that broke out before Richard Spencer’s speech at Michigan State University on the Daily Stormer. Basically a bunch of anti-fascists came to stir up trouble. There were clashes and arrests.

Unfortunately, many of the nationalists that showed up didn’t look a whole lot different than the anti-fascists. There were a few exceptions like Greg Conte a Spencer ally who was there wearing a dress shirt and tie. For some reason, he ended up getting arrested but was later let go.

Here’s some local news clips that show what I’m talking about.

The important take away to this is that nationalists shouldn’t dress or look like our enemies. This is not a good marketing strategy. The average person looking at what took place will think that there’s no difference between nationalists and anti-fascists. It gives them no incentive to want to join our side.

And I don’t see why people are getting so butt hurt over this criticism. There is smart branding and there is dumb branding. You don’t want to brand yourself in a similar fashion as your political enemies. This is just common sense. European nationalist groups seem to understand this concept far better than the groups we have in the United States.

Here’s Spencer’s speech.

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