Neo-Nazi, White supremacist and Daily Stormer publisher Andrew Anglin.

Vice News has released a short clip documenting the hunt for Neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin. Like the piece they did on Charlottesville, Elle Reeve aka fish face is in it. The clip is ridiculously funny.

The Jews are trying to sue Anglin because some Jew bitch up in Montana had her feelings hurt by Daily Stormer readers. They’ve hired some clown named Jeff Cremeans to serve him legal papers. The clip documents some of this guy’s activities.

They even show security camera footage from an Ohio supermarket claiming that some dude wearing a black shirt is Anglin. Cremeans swears that it was Anglin. But what are the odds that he would just randomly run into the person that he’s trying to serve papers to at a supermarket? The footage provides no proof that the guy shown is actually Anglin. It could have literally been anybody.

These people are nuts. Anglin is in Lagos, Nigeria. I was in Nigeria at the Daily Stormer corporate headquarters for a month late last year to help more with the site. He is not hard to find considering that Nigeria is filled with niggers. If you can’t find a White person in a sea of niggers, you have a problem. Vice News should send a crew to Lagos. They’d probably be able to score an interview with Anglin if they took the effort to fly out.

If the kikes really want to serve Anglin legal papers they need to tell their people to book a flight to Lagos. Their refusal to do this makes me think that they have an issue with African peoples. They’re also showing that they are not serious about serving Anglin legal papers. This is all a dog and pony show for them.