This situation in Venezuela is becoming increasingly insane. The fake Venezuelan leader Juan Guaido is now saying that he would authorize an American invasion of the country to overthrow the government in the name of human rights. And this is a guy nobody even heard of until a short while ago. Even most Venezuelans had no idea who he was until recently.


However ‘controversial’ such a move might be, the self-proclaimed US-backed ‘interim’ president of Venezuela has claimed he would not rule out the possibility of ‘authorizing’ a foreign military intervention to topple Maduro.

Guaido told AFP he would do “everything that is necessary” in order to “save human lives” – not ruling out the admittedly “controversial subject” of calling on foreign powers, and the United States in particular, to intervene militarily in Venezuela to remove Nicolas Maduro from power.

Opposition leader and parliament speaker Guaido proclaimed himself the only legitimate leader of Venezuela last month, and was immediately backed by Washington and its allies across Latin America and Europe.

Over the last two weeks, the US administration has made it clear that the military option is not off the table if Maduro refuses to voluntarily surrender his power and launch a ‘democratic’ political transition in Venezuela. Simultaneously, President Donald Trump’s administration has been urging Venezuelan officers to defect and support the opposition’s claim to power.

So far the Venezuelan armed forces have mostly kept loyal to Maduro, who has repeatedly claimed his compatriots are ready to repel any foreign-led aggression. The elected president has also repeatedly called on the opposition to come to the negotiation table instead of stirring up street protests and violence.

Overthrowing the Venezuelan government was never part of the “American First” agenda advanced by Donald Trump. He ran a campaign of non-interventionism. He is just allowing fools like John Bolton and Mike Pompeo to orchestrate these stupid neocon agendas for no particular reason. And considering how this whole thing is going, there is a very real possibility that we could see an American military intervention in the country.

Trump’s rhetoric on both Venezuela and Iran has been deeply concerning. He needs to back off on these crazy agendas or he’ll risk losing a good portion of his base. We did not vote for more foreign interventions. But the thing is, the entire establishment along with the Jewish media will fully support a military intervention if he goes through with it. They supported him when he attacked Syria because of hoaxed chemical weapons attack footage showing children being sprayed with water hoses. If they supported him then, they’ll support him here.

This whole Venezuela thing is insane and stupid. There are a million other things more worthy of our attention.