The entire ZOG system including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and the European Union just agreed to slap sanctions on China because they’ve been allegedly mean to a handful of Moslems in one of their provinces.

They’re saying it is because of “human rights.” Well assholes, what about the rights of the people in your own countries who you’ve abused through all sorts of inhumane lockdowns because of a virus that has a 99.99+ percent survivability rate? How can you have any standing to talk about “human rights” when you do bullshit like that?

Obviously, this is not about “human rights.” It is instead a convenient excuse to ratchet up tensions with China so a future war can be waged against them.

All the people who said Joe Biden worked for China have been proven wrong. Otherwise, why would he be allowing his Jewish Secretary of State to slap sanctions on them?

It is true that Biden had select corrupt business deals with Chinese businessmen but he has always been owned and controlled by Jews. These Jews desire to bring China into their Jewish world government system and the only way they think they can do it at this point is through a big war. The likely flash point in this war will be over Taiwan.

It’s an insane plan and I don’t believe it will work. China has become an economic superpower and makes pretty much everything. Manufacturing has been gutted in America and all sorts of products are imported here from China and other countries. You also have all the endless money printing that has destroyed the value of the United States Dollar.

If you don’t make anything and all you can do is print money, that is not a good formula to build and maintain a war machine. Especially against a country with a billion people and a robust manufacturing base.