During the White House press briefing today, sanctions against Venezuela were announced. They’re trying to tip the scales in favor of the opposition all in the name of freedom, democracy or whatever.

The neocon John Bolton and the Jew Steve Mnuchin made the announcements. Bolton made the much over used statement, “all options are on the table” when describing what they were prepared to do. Talk about a disgraceful situation.

But why is overthrowing the Venezuelan government a priority of the Trump administration all of a sudden? What goes on in that country is none of our business. Sure, things are bad there but it is not our role to try and fix everything that happens around the world. This is an issue that should be left for Venezuela and their immediate neighbors to sort out.

Can we focus in on our own problems for once? This policemen of the world shit has to stop. Bolton should be fired from his post and replaced with someone who isn’t a raving neocon maniac. This deranged man is obviously addicted to waging pointless wars and overthrowing governments that don’t fully agree with Jews.