The United States government has partially shut down over President Trump’s demands for funds to pay for a border wall. Senate Democrats refuse to provide the votes needed to pass an already approved House bill that contains over $5 billion in funding for a border wall.

Mitch McConnell went to the Senate floor and said that they wouldn’t do anything until President Trump and Senate Democrats reach a deal.

The evil kike Chuck Schumer rambled on about walls being ineffective, fiscally irresponsible and how they’ll never approve funding for a wall. Well, Chuck, walls work pretty good in Israel. Or are walls only allowed for Jews and not the goyim?

They’re apparently holding negotiations in the White House.

I couldn’t care less how long the government has to be shut down. If it has to be shut down until 2020 or beyond so be it. Whatever it takes to get funds necessary for the wall. In the meantime, Trump should look at grabbing already approved discretionary funds to pay for it.

This government shutdown is 100 percent due to this Jew Schumer and his shitlib allies not wanting proper border security. But meanwhile, they’re fine with trillions of dollars being spent in wars for Israel. It’s a completely insane situation.