The theme of this year’s CPAC is about how they plan to stand up against cancel culture. But despite claiming to be against cancel culture, they just cancelled one of their black speakers because he criticized Jews on the Internet.

The cancelled speaker was this black guy named Young Pharaoh. Never heard of him but he seems to be woke on the JQ.

Criticizing Jews is against principled conservatism though. It doesn’t matter how many bad things Jews do, you are simply not allowed to criticize them. It is against values and it is not who conservatives are.

This shows just how absurd conservatism has become. How can they have any credibility when they run a conference that is allegedly against cancel culture but cancel one of their speakers for criticizing Jews?

I hope Nick Fuentes and the groypers show up at CPAC to protest their hypocritical bullshit. Fuck these people. They’re the main reason why no real opposition to all the insanity we’ve witnessed has manifested.