Israel is naturally claiming that they were justified in killing at least 15 and injuring thousands of Palestinians who held a protest near the Gaza-Israel border. They were using drones, tear gas and even live ammunition against the protesters and engaging in activities that would normally be classified as human rights violations. The UN is seeking an investigation into the incident.


United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called for an independent and transparent investigation into the deaths and injuries along Gaza’s border with Israel, his spokesman said in a statement Friday.

15 Palestinians were killed earlier on Friday in clashes along the Gaza-Israel border as 30,000 Gazans participated in the “March of Return,” a series of mass protests slated to continue for weeks.

Here’s some footage and news reporting of what’s been going on.

It would not surprise me if Israel invaded the Gaza Strip in response to all this. Especially if the protests continue. Benjamin Netanyahu is still dealing with domestic political troubles so any military operation would be to his benefit.

If the UN does not condemn this situation, it means that they approve of this type of border security. That means the United States and the European Union should handle border security the same way. With live ammunition, drones, tear gas and tanks. If the Jews can do it, why can’t we?

But all this talk about an investigation is a joke. The UN never does anything substantive against Israel. Apparently this is because they are the chosen people of god or something.

The situation is terrible public relations for Israel though. More and more leftists have had it with Israel because they are running what is the world’s largest open air concentration camp in the Gaza Strip.

We’ll have to see how this plays out. Hopefully it draws more attention to how evil these kikes are and how Israel needs to be destroyed.