Yesterday, the UN Security Council held a meeting after Russia demanded one due to the missile attacks by the United States, the United Kingdom and France against Syria over allegations that babies were gassed. The whole thing was a circus.

The only major player at the table saying anything sane is Russia. They’ve been saying all along that inspectors need to do their job before jumping to any conclusions. This is an entirely reasonable position. Meanwhile, the three countries involved in the attack justified attacking Syria without presenting any evidence to prove their claims about chemical weapons use.

Nikki Haley even cited the Holohoax lie of shower room gas chambers to describe how terrible chemical weapons are. This bitch should just come out and admit that she is a representative of Jews, Zionism and Israel. She is not doing anything to advance American interests in her current position.

This is some of the most bat shit nutty kookery imaginable. I can only imagine what the Russians are thinking right now.