The UN Secretary General is saying with no evidence that White supremacy and Neo-Nazi groups have become a global threat.

Just what is this moron referring to?

Where are all these alleged White supremacists and Neo-Nazis that represent a global threat? And what capabilities do they have that make them such a threat?

In America, the only White supremacist and Neo-Nazi groups that are mentioned in the media are groups that have been directly run by or have been infiltrated by the FBI. The two main groups involved with the Capitol storming were the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers and neither could be considered racial supremacist groups. The Proud Boys was led by a black FBI informant and the Oath Keepers had a known FBI asset within their top leadership. But the Capitol storming wasn’t even a violent event outside of that cop shooting that woman who supported Donald Trump.

This idea that there are these shadowy White supremacist and Neo-Nazi groups is a hoax. What you have are large numbers of White people across the world who are unhappy with the direction that their respective country is going. They are not racial supremacists. Labeling them as such is just a way to demonize them and dismiss their valid grievances.

There are no large groups of White people who hate other people simply because of their skin color. There are White people who object to the behavior of other racial groups because their behavior is directly harmful to them. But that in of itself is not White supremacy, Neo-Nazism or whatever goofy label these people come up with.

It’s patently absurd to say that White supremacy is a global threat. What is a real threat is Jewish supremacy because Jews have taken control over many important institutions through fraudulent methods and are using these institutions to advance a number of very bad agendas.