A White man got into an argument with a black woman on a flight and he is now being crucified for doing airplane racism. The incident was captured on film and is being covered by major media outlets like the BBC and Euronews. It has literally become an international news story.

The problem with this clip is that it doesn’t show what happened before the man got angry. The black woman undoubtedly did something that set him off but since she’s black she’s not going to get any blame.

The amount of energy that is being spent attacking random White people caught on film saying negative things about racial minorities is getting out of control. The big kike media outlets are trying to make examples out of ordinary people to send a message that there’ll be consequences if you don’t embrace forced diversity.

Some British MPs even chimed in on Twitter claiming that the White man should have been kicked off the flight and arrested under hate crime laws.

These people are disgusting. They are attacking one of their own people to defend some African monkey person. The virtue signaling from these people is ridiculous and reeks of cowardice.