British Prime Minister Theresa May’s hoax Brexit deal was soundly rejected by the British Parliament today. It was defeated by a vote of 432 to 202.

She proposed a deal that wasn’t even Brexit but falsely claimed it was Brexit presumably to sabotage the entire idea of Brexit. May was never in favor of Brexit so having her in charge of this process was always a very insane thing.

May responded to the vote by yammering about some stupid gibberish.

With such a large number of people across party lines voting against her Brexit deal, it looks like we’ll be seeing a vote of no confidence in her leadership take place.

The British media is describing this defeat as one of the biggest political defeats in the nation’s history so it is very possible she could get forced out over this.

Of course, nobody knows where this is going to ultimately head but there’s definitely an agenda to try and force a second referendum on Brexit. The Jew-controlled British media has been pushing anti-Brexit propaganda for the past couple of years in the hopes they can sway public opinion.

Alternatively, we could see a no deal Brexit if the British Parliament doesn’t approve a deal by late March. The media is claiming that this scenario would result in a zombie apocalypse type of event which leads me to believe that this would be the best possible outcome.