A group of Moslem parents in the UK city of Birmingham protested the teaching of LGBTQ garbage to their children. They successfully got the lessons shut down at least for now.

Daily Mail:

A primary school has been forced to abandon anti-homophobia lessons following protests from Muslim parents.

Parkfield School in Birmingham has said it will ditch the ‘No Outsiders’ classes until after Easter while a ‘consultation’ takes place with parents.

The school’s assistant head, Andrew Moffat, created the lessons to promote tolerance of same-sex couples and other minorities.

However, strict religious parents said they objected because homosexuality is against their religion, while others said children were too young to learn about such matters.

On Friday, the parent campaigners said about 600 Muslim children, aged between four and 11, were withdrawn from the school for the day in protest.

Mr Moffat, who is himself gay, has also been threatened and the school was daubed in graffiti as the row escalated in recent weeks.

At one protest parents held signs that read ‘say no to promoting of homosexuality and LGBT ways of life to our children’, ‘stop exploiting children’s innocence’, and ‘education not indoctrination’.

There were other news reports suggesting that some Moslems were considering leaving the country because the schools were promoting faggot garbage to their kids.

This has made me think that part of the solution to the Moslem problem in Europe would be to force indoctrinate their children into accepting faggots and trannies. Just go full gay on them. It might actually convince them to leave and move back to a majority-Moslem country.

But more importantly, this also shows how the idea of multiculturalism is insane and doesn’t work. You can’t mix Moslems who believe in tossing faggots off of roof tops in the same society that has cocksuckers and trannies out in the open. These are two incompatible ideologies that can’t coexist with one another.