Due to the fact that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson seems to be genuinely trying to push through Brexit, he is being targeted for ouster. Some weird manufactured scandal has been brought up in order to help justify his ouster.

The scandal surrounds some dumb bullshit about a relationship he allegedly had with some American businesswoman.

He was also forced to apologize to the Queen over his request to suspend parliament which apparently was illegal?

CNN is publishing articles predicting that he’ll be out as British Prime Minister next week.


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson could be forced out of office next week as opposition lawmakers try to join forces to replace him with an interim administration in order to secure another Brexit delay.

Senior Scottish National Party (SNP) MP Stewart Hosie told the BBC on Saturday there was a real chance a House of Commons no confidence vote could take place in the government next week. If Johnson lost that vote, he could be forced to let Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn try to form a minority government.

So long story short, the entire Jew-run British establishment is trying to force him out of office.

Every dirty trick is being pulled out to prevent politicians from removing the United Kingdom from the European Union.

If this doesn’t show you want a hoax democracy is, nothing will. What good is democracy if the people vote for something like Brexit and it never gets implemented? It shows that the whole system is a fraud.