U2’s new music video entitled “Get Out of Your Own Way” is a masterpiece. It endorses Donald Trump’s White supremacist presidency and an America controlled by the KKK.

Here are some of my observations.

It portrays KKK members as normal productive members of society with families.

It endorses the KKK marching against faggots.

It depicts full support for Donald Trump’s White supremacist presidency.

It denounces the third world invasion of White nations by mocking the retarded beach baby meme.

It endorses Trump’s planned border wall to keep out subhuman filth.

It calls out the Jew menace by depicting these filthy kikes as a rat hell bent on global destruction.

It mocks multiculturalism as a diabolical Jew construction.

It denounces Jew usury by depicting the burning of Federal Reserve Notes.

Watch it for yourself. I’m sure you will see that Bono and U2 is fully on board with our Neo-Nazi agenda to implement global White supremacy!

Hail U2! Hail Bono! Hail Victory!