What a disturbing story this is. Why are these monkey women in Massachusetts? They should be in Africa where this type of thing is considered normal.

Fox News:

Two Massachusetts women are facing multiple charges after they allegedly tied down and burned a 5-year-old girl in a voodoo ritual.

The girl, whose name has not been released, is permanently disfigured as a result of a ritual that was meant to “rid her of a demon that was making her misbehave,” the Brockton Enterprise reported.

The two East Bridgewater women, identified as Peggy LaBossiere, 51, and Rachel Hilaire, 40, allegedly blew fire over the young girl’s face and cut her arm and collar area with a needlelike object, drawing blood, the girl’s 8-year-old brother told police. The women, who are sisters, according to the Brockton Enterprise, also allegedly poured a substance over the girl’s eyes which caused them to sting.

Additionally, the women allegedly threatened to cut off the young brother’s head with a machete.

Yeah, so not only do we have the weird voodoo ritual shit but they threatened to hack off her brother’s head with a machete.

If anybody says that multiculturalism and diversity is so great, just show them this story. If they aren’t completely retarded, they’ll change their mind on the subject.