Twitter issued an apology for allowing the term “Kill all Jews” to trend on their website. The term was related to a story about a synagogue getting vandalized with graffiti that said “Kill all Jews.” I originally thought that this was a Jewish hoax, but it turns out that a black guy did it. lol

Apparently Twitter’s gatekeepers failed to prevent the term from trending.

I’ve written a more lengthy article about this on the Daily Stormer. But the main takeaway to this is the fact that Twitter’s trending topics are not organic. In their rush to apologize for this, they admitted to having the ability to block topics from trending if it happens to be a topic that they don’t like.

Meanwhile, Gab is thrown off the Internet because one of their users did something illegal. Obviously that standard is not applied to Twitter or any of the other social media behemoths. There’s also no outrage about Twitter being anti-Semitic for allowing the term “Kill all Jews” to trend.

We need this entire social media sector to be regulated by the government. The First Amendment and free speech on the Internet is in grave jeopardy considering the power that these companies have.