So the online mob of Jews, social justice warriors and Communists are very angry that Twitter has refused to ban Alex Jones. This after Jones was banned from nearly every other major social media platform in existence.

Here’s what Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey had to say regarding why they did not ban Jones.

While I’ll give credit to Dorsey for not banning Jones (yet), the fact of the matter is that his track record on free speech has been terrible. Like I’ve said before, I was banned from his service after only being on it for three weeks. And this happened several years ago. Apparently me and my 100 Twitter followers were too much for them to handle!

Obviously, I’m not the only one who has been banned. Every significant Alt-Right personality has now been banned or censored in some capacity on that platform.

Of course there’s no guarantee that Jones will be allowed to remain on Twitter. They could come up with any excuse to justify shutting him down in the future so the fact that they haven’t banned him yet isn’t of much consequence.

Jones and others like him thought they would be able to remain on these platforms so long as they didn’t explore the Jewish problem. They were wrong to believe that. They should have supported us when we were getting thrown off these platforms but they were silent. So in many ways the escalation of this censorship campaign stretching into the world of conspiracy theorists, libertarians and conservatives is a good thing. The issue is getting the attention it deserves from a far greater audience now.